Why Should You Be Growing Your Beard?

Written by : Karan Chadha  Published In : Founder’s Note  Created Date : May 10, 2017  Comment : 16

Fellow Brothers,

Gangs of Beard has been around for quite a while now. We pride ourselves as a community that provides its members with the Best Beard Care Products on the PLANET (Damn right we do!), and encourage our members to keep growing their beards. But why should you even be listening to us and growing your Beards?

Growing a Beard is more than just a lifestyle. It’s more than just joining the Gang and using our epic Beard Oil. In fact, growing out your beard is an act that aligns you with nature. An act that helps you discover who you’re supposed to be as a man.

The way I see it, you don’t really have to work towards growing a Beard but you do need to work towards not having it!

Just think about it – Had your friends, family or any other member of the society not told you to shave, would you ever consider rubbing a piece of sharp metal against your skin, only to have scars, rashes and razor bumps? No chance!

We, as humans, were innately born to create with our minds. We can’t help it. It’s just how we are. Only a receptive mind which is truly in-tune with nature and is free from the shackles of society can create productively, without any strings attached. So, to me, growing out my Beard is just an expression of asserting my freedom and natural excellence. It’s me saying, “This is who I am and this is how I live!” Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you may be bound by the pre-established social etiquettes, but no one can take your freedom away from you!

Now, please don’t take this as me trying to tell you that growing a Beard is the ultimate thing that you can experience as a man. I’m only saying that it has enabled me to think and live freely and I just wish the same for you. It’s just euphoric!

Take it as a challenge upon yourself. Just grow out your Beard – and not just for a month or 3 months. Instead, grow it for at least 6 months, or maybe a year, and when you do, make sure you look after it properly.

And by the end of it, take my word for it, your masculinity will soar high, brother, and you will experience the feeling that God originally intended you to feel as a man!

Let the beard growth begin!

Your Bearded Brother,



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