Explained: Handling Your Beard In The Blazing Summer Heat

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There was a time when ‘beard maintenance’ involved just one thing – not shaving (Oh Yeah! The glory days!). That was before the multi-billion dollar beauty industry caught on to the fact that facial hair doesn’t have to be itchy and untamed.

Suddenly, we had a new kind of bearded man roaming the streets – the metrosexual bearded man. This fellow did sport a beard, but didn’t always live the bearded lifestyle (instead of biking, beer and babes, our friend was more interested in cars, cider and cuties). He was soon accepted into the beard brotherhood though, because of his passion for growing a beard (Yes, brothers! All you need is passion. We’ve never said that you need to have a beard longer than your arm to be welcomed into the gang!).

Anyway, in those olden ‘glory days’, beards were considered a seasonal affair. Big, woolly, legendary beards were the norm in the winters, and a crisply shaven stubble or chops made an appearance in the summers. These were the unwritten rules and no beard brother would ever think of violating them.

Nowadays, beards are no longer a seasonal affair, and a brother can grow and maintain any kind of beard that he wants to sport. With the right care, even a heavy beard can come across as neat and clean. However, even if you prefer the ‘hipster look’, or the ‘drifter stubble’, or even the ‘10-day Jon Snow shadow’, these are some of the steps you can take to make the hottest and sweatiest months of summer seem like a breeze:

  • Protect It

Even though beards have been proven to provide some serious protection from ultraviolet rays, you need to understand that even the ‘protector’ needs some protection! Harsh sunlight dries out your beard and may even cause discoloration. When you think about the kind of summers we have here in India (especially in Delhi NCR), that’s a lot of dryness and dullness, brothers! Give your beard a much-needed helping hand and invest in a quality Beard Oil. Good Beard Oils put a protective layer on your Beard and keep it protected.

  • Keep It Cleansed

The summer season brings a lot of dust and sweat in its wake. As a result, your pores get blocked and cause inflammation and itching. You should make it a point to keep your beard properly cleansed at all times. You should follow a daily routine where you wash your beard every morning before stepping out of your house, and every night before going to bed. This way, any accumulated grime will be washed off and you will get relief from the irritation. Give our legendary Beard Wash a try.

  • Keep It Soft

In the summers, when your skin is already coarse and irritated from the overload of heat, sweat, dust and grime, it is especially important to keep it soft and well-moisturized. A dry and coarse beard will get entangled and remain itchy and frizzy throughout the day. Make sure to condition it properly by making use of a beard conditioner or moisturizing lotion that keeps your beard soft and shiny all day long. You should check out our epic Beard Oil and Beard Lotion, both of which are ideal products for the Indian summer.

  • Trim It

Okay, first things first. This should only be used as a last resort option when everything else has failed. We, at GOB, have never been big fans of beard trimming, but we do understand that sometimes it just can’t be helped. Although the irritation lasts only a week or but if you really cant resist it, then it might just be time to compromise and give your beard a trim (Oh! The lament!). This will provide more airflow and consequently ease your discomfort in the blazing heat. You can grow your beard back as soon as the weather permits it again.

In the end, brother, it’s possible to maintain an impressive mane in the summer heat. All you need is a fair amount of passion, and an equal amount of perseverance. All we know is that if our El Capitan, Mr.Karan Chadha, can pull of the heavily bearded look in this unforgiving Indian summer heat, then you probably can too.

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Go on, brothers. Let the beard growth begin.

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