Why Do I Need To Use Beard Oil?

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Beard Oil is the most fundamental product for any ‘Beardsman’ out there. Please understand that if you want to grow a Beard and keep it healthy, smooth and feeling great like the Beard of Zeus, then you need to have a quality Beard Oil in your grooming Kit.

But before investing on a Beard Oil, we thought that it would be wise to educate you folks on its composition, and how exactly does the right Beard Oil make the best possible gift for your Beard!


To know Beard Oils, you need to know about their ingredients. Beard Oils contain a combination of carrier oils that provide essential nutrients to your Beard. The popular oils used in Beard Oils include Coconut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Grapeseed Oil. These oils are vastly known for their abilities to provide essential nutrients to your Beard follicles, along with hydrating your Beard and skin. More importantly, the nutrients derived from these oils help sustain the growth of your Beard along with preventing split ends that eventually lead to Beard Fall. As a warning, you need to stay away from ingredients like Silicone Oil that provide no benefit to your skin or your Beard.

The bottom line is – Make sure you get a Beard Oil with the right ingredients to get the right results.

Beard Oil Fights Beard Itch and Beardruff

Every Beardsman goes through Beard itch at some point of their ‘Beard Growing Journey’ and its because of this itchy phase that many men give up on this wonderful journey. Well, that’s probably because they don’t know about the benefits of applying Beard Oil!

At the root level, your Beard operates a gland called the Sebaceous Gland, which is responsible for producing Sebum Oil. Sebum oil nourishes the Beard follicles and keeps the skin moisturized. However, as your Beard grows, the finite reserve of sebum oil falls short of moisturizing your skin, thus resulting in dry, itchy skin and a lifeless Beard. Your Beard Oil acts as a supplement to your Sebum Oil reserves and helps in moisturizing your dry skin, nourishing the Beard and getting rid of Beard itch.

As a side benefit to the moisturizing ability of Beard Oil, you also get reduced flakiness, or what we call Beardruff/Beard Dandruff, that is caused by dryness of the skin. Beard Oil hydrates your skin, thereby eliminating any Beard Dandruff.

How Do I Apply Beard Oil?

Applying Beard Oil is easy as pie! Just pour a healthy amount of your favorite Beard Oil on to your palm (You might need extra oil depending on your Beard size). Apply evenly onto your facial skin and then work it out through to the ends. Finish by combing or brushing your Beard. That’s it. Pretty simple, eh?

Where Do I Get Beard Oil?

So, now that you know everything about Beard Oil (and we sincerely hope that you found it useful), why not buy one for yourself? At GangsofBeard , we give you the finest natural Beard Oils that keep your Beard healthy and smelling great. So what are you waiting for….go get yours now!

9 thoughts on “Why Do I Need To Use Beard Oil?”

  • Please I want this oil because I don’t have plz this is my phone number please you call me 8686715141…????

  • i have very less beard on my face with less and very slow growth. i have patch beard so please show me the way to improve my beard,
    how to use
    what to use
    when to use
    for the strong and heavy full beard on my face.

    • Hi Hemant
      Start off with letting your Beard grow. Use our Beard Growth Oil and Supplement. These will help in enhancing the growth of your Beard. These are available on the website. As far as how to use – you’ll get a step by step instruction with your order that illustrates how to use the products. Hope that helped buddy.

  • My age is 19 years I didn’t have beard how can I grow my beard I want a stylish beard which suits to my face

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