Beardruff – How to Avoid It

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Simply put Beardruff is just dandruff on beard and every bearded guy hates it. But why does it occur and most importantly how the heck do you get rid of it.

Where does it come from?

There comes a point in every man’s beard journey where your beard follicles get long enough and start using the extra sebum under the skin. This causes the facial skin to dry out leading to Beardruff. To top it up a lot debris finds its way into the Beard from the external environment that although may not be beardruff, but is equally disturbing to watch.

So how do you get rid of it?

We know what you’re thinking. An off the shelf standard anti dandruff shampoo should be an easy fix. But the question is, do you want to load up chemicals on your face where the skin is very sensitive. We’d strongly suggesting using a Beard oil and Beard Lotion to give your facial hair and skin the moisture they need to thrive. Along with helping you get rid of Beardruff, Beard Oil and Beard Lotion help you soften the beard, give it the nourishment it needs to help avoid split ends and add life to your Beard. As an extra, they’ll make your beard smell better than a bed of roses.

To help keep the Beard smelling fresh and clean (and eliminate Beardruff), you need to use an all-natural Beard Wash. This is different to a normal shampoo that you use on your head which is typically designed to strip the sebum from the scalp. Using a regular shampoo on your Beard will make it dry thereby causing more Beardruff. Beard Wash are mild and gentle on your beard and also contain essential carrier oils to condition your beard.

Along with including the application of Beard Oil, Beard Lotion and Beard Wash into your routine, we’re listing out a few don’ts for you:

• Avoid touching or clawing your beard often

• Avoid leaving food on your beard. Make sure you wash it off

• Avoid scraping your face with that piece of metal you call razor

• We’ve said it above and we’ll say it again – avoid using any sort of harsh shampoos or anti- dandruff shampoos that harms the beard.

So, go for these tips and say goodbye to beardruff forever to experience a GODLY beard. By the way, you’re welcome.

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