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Our New Year Resolution – Beard Growth

Written by : Karan Chadha  Published In : Founder’s Note  Created Date : January 30, 2017  Comment : 4

Wow! Just Wow! The last few months have been just incredible. We’ve had phenomenal response for our products, our service and for all the cool stuff we’ve been doing to entertain you, our members. It’s very heartwarming to read your messages on Facebook and Instagram and I, on behalf of Team Gangs of Beard, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Your words of encouragement have propelled us to Grow as individuals and together as a Family, with YOU being an integral part of this Family.

Speaking of Growth, we’ve set some ambitious goals to grow this community in 2017. These goals can only be achieved if we get more Beards on more Faces this year. So we went back to the drawing board and developed 2 very effective products – The Beard Growth Oil and The Beard Growth Supplement. These products will enhance your Beard Growth and most importantly are safe, natural and effective which is very much in line with our philosophy of providing our members with the very best that nature has to offer. The products are now exclusively available to our members on www.gangsofbeard.com

Growing a Beard requires passion, persistence and perseverance. It CANNOT be done overnight which is why I have tremendous respect for anyone who has put in the effort and time to grow one. Genes play an important role with Beard Growth but our Beard Growth Products will help you achieve your Beard Goals. However, we won’t promise you instant growth. As a matter of fact, if anyone makes that promise to you then you will end up being disappointed (and also lose money in the process). We will, however, make you 2 promises:

1) We ONLY provide you with products that we would use on ourselves or let our loved ones use on their face. Safety of our members is our number one priority and we take this very seriously.

2) The Growth Products have natural ingredients that will help it grow faster and significantly improve the quality of your Beard.

To launch the Beard Growth Products and for your entertainment, we came up with our second video below. We hope that you like it. If you think it’s worth sharing with your friends and family, then please do so. Also, do subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels to stay updated with the best possible entertainment that we have to offer.

It is my sincere wish that you enjoy the benefits of our hard work. Keep bearding hard!

Your Bearded Brother
Karan Chadha

4 thoughts on “Our New Year Resolution – Beard Growth”

  • In a relationship with Beard. Others think its beard.bt they dnt know its my awesomeness which expressing through my face..

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