The GANG has arrived!

Written by : Karan Chadha  Published In : Founder’s Note  Created Date : October 18, 2016  Comment : 4

The GANG is now live! What is the Gangs of Beard? Well, It’s simple – it’s a Gang of Bearded Brothers. You may get all the products you need for your beard in the market – but where’s the brotherhood? This is more than just a brand. It’s a community that will lead the beard revolution around the world and not just in India.
In a  community, the only set of people who matter are it’s members – and that’s you guys. So we’d set out to create something that you guys will be proud to be a part of. For that to happen, we took care of every single detail – from creating media content for your entertainment whilst educating you on growing a beard that would make Zeus jealous to having the right products in a cool set of packaging to make your beard and bathroom look godly. So go on – join the GANG and treat your beard to the coolest thing that exists on the face of this planet!
Creating this community for you guys is nothing short of a success story. Although we’ve worked tirelessly during the last year and a half to make this happen, its also fair to say that we did what we loved doing and it sure felt like a gentle breeze.
I’ll end this blog with a very important task for you. As I noted before, you as members of this community have an important say in how we function, so please do share your views and feedback with us. You can do this through the feedback section by logging into the member’s portal or just send us an email at
Its my sincere wish for you that you enjoy every bit of being part of this community. Keep bearding hard!

Your bearded brother
Karan Chadha

4 thoughts on “The GANG has arrived!”

  • A nice concept…would definitely be a part of it..just waiting for my beard to speak out for itself..all the best ‘Gangs of Beard’.

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